Saturday, May 23, 2015

Testimonial from ADHD Client Wrote By Parent in Kuching

Hi, I am Egee Tan. (now 12 years old). I used to have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) which is a developmental neuropsychiatric disorder in which there are significant problems with executive functions (e.g., attentional control and inhibitory control) that cause attention deficits, hyperactivity, or impulsiveness which is not appropriate for a person's age. My problem started when I’m still in kindergarten. It affected many aspect of my life including my sleeping patterns, behavior, academic studies, eating habits, etc.

                When I was in primary 1, my mother learned about my condition from a friend. She told my mother that her child used to have the same symptoms but now she is better after going for treatment at Neurofeedback Training Center. She says that it’s really effective and should bring me to try it out. Mother was skeptical at first but for my benefit she decided to bring me in the end. That is when I started  visiting Neurofeedback Training Center.

                My life begins to change little by little from that day. Mother noticed improvement from me through the treatment at Neurofeedback Training Center. She decided to continue the treatment until I’m fully recovered. She encouraged others with ADHD to have treatments at Quantum Neurofeedback Training Center.

                Changes from before and after training are plenty. My sleeping pattern for example is significantly changed for the better. I would have difficulty maintaining a peaceful sleep and it’s hard waking up in the morning. Constant nightmare, and sleep talking. Mother say that I’m unable to snap out of my dreams even after she have called me up many times. There would be shouting, crying, teeth grinding and struggling around the bed until pillow is being kicked down the bed. After 1 month of training there is improvement in the sense that I could sleep better, fewer nightmares or sleep talking and less struggling. The method taught by Neurofeedback Training Center is to not let the child with ADHD to be over active in daytime. Keeping themfrom over playing and over exited. More than 1 year later with this method, all my sleeping problem is completely treated. No morenightmares or difficulty waking up in the morning. Sleep become absolutely peaceful.

                In behavior wise, I was a mess before Neurofeedback Training Center helped me. I have the urge to hide people things whenever I go to visit their home. I would hide them creatively until no one can imagine where to find them. During 2-5 years old I would often wet my pant without knowing it. Need to be reminded to go to the toilet every time. When I really need to pass urine I’ll have to go immediately because I can’t control myself. I’m hyperactive most of the time. Sweating until the whole body and hair wet. I have lack of concentration hence easily distracted by others and surrounding. I have weird habits like smelling the chair that people just got up from. Toys would be destroyed the moment I lay my hand on them. When I speak I tend to speak loudly and like to speak to self very often. The same movie would be repeated more than once and loves to imitate the characters in the story. Loved to play video games but it causes me to be addicted to playing it and have bad temper with bad mood. Luckily there is Neurofeedback Training Center, which taught my mother to rectify these entire short coming of my behaviors. My mother learn that when she sees any bad habit of mine, she need to correct me fast, right at that moment. She should spend a lot of her time to discipline me. Also to guide me with a lot of patient and show plenty of love. Neurofeedback Training Center also advised to bring me out more often to have outdoor activities so that I’m less alone. Two more things are to have less TV time and video games. Only play video game once per week for an hour. Watch only non violent with more family value movies. After one year of these practices I no longer have all the behavior problems mentioned above. No more hiding people’s things, peeing uncontrollably, hyperactive and sweating excessively, weird behaviors, talking loudly or to self, imitating movie characters and lastly bad tempers. I’ve also learned to appreciate my things more. Taking good care of them instead of destroying them.

                Neurofeedback Training Center also helped in improving my academic studies. Before treatment I have no interest in learning and slow in learning compared to my other classmate. Dislike doing homework and would often cry while doing it. Mother has to accompany me and I take a long time finish. My handwriting is horrible. I did also hide my homework and when punished by teacher still have no feeling of wrong and guilt. Neurofeedback Training Center recommended doing a lot of visual learning at home by labeling all the object at every places with its name. Repeating the visual learning more than once is encouraged. After awhile I can learn independently and do homework without needing to be reminded. Other than that I also was taught to improve my handwriting through creative and fun writing games. Now my handwriting has also improved. In classroom I would also often make funny cartoon noises, always losing my things like pencils, bully friends and often mixing with boys only. After further help from Neurofeedback Training Center I’ve become a better student. Teachers always compliment that I’m a good and helpful student. I’m more willing to help do house work, teach sister in study, more close with family members. Like sharing and tell what happens at school. I’ve become more friendly.

                My eating habit have benefited from Neurofeedback Training Center treatment also. Before treatment I would eat a lot and don’t know when to be full. Often tempted to eat when watching others eat. Dislike eating vegetables. Now after treatment can control myself from over eating and prefer healthy food like vegetable more.

Finally I would like to stress that Neurofeedback Training Center really work against ADHD if given time, patient, love and proper treatment. I’m the living proof that ADHD through Neurofeedback Training Center treatment have changed my life for the better. Thank you for your time to read this and also thank you Neurofeedback Training Center for improving my life.

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