Sunday, February 1, 2015

Neurofeedback Training Center at Kuching Sarawak

We are the first Neurofeedback brain training center in Kuching Sarawak

Located beside Wisma Saberkas, Sublot 5, 1st Floor, SFWI Commercial Centre, Section 22, Green Road, 93150 Kuching, Malaysia.

We are proud to say our opening ceremony are withness by YB. Datuk Hajah Fatimah Abdullah.

Overview of our Quantum Neurofeedback Center

We have more than 6 training room to accommodate our client and our facility are all imported from Korea and USA.

During brain training, we strictly not allowed other people to come in our training room to avoid any interruption.

 Lets see our demo room !

We have screen and Neurofeedback devices and also Neuro Therapist to assist the whole training process.

This is the Neurofeedback Device to sense the brainwaves and real time interacting activity with special design Neurofeedback computer application.

 Our training Center therapist, founder and Drs. Sophian
(Professional Psychologist and Certified EGG Biofeedback specialist).  

Welcome to pay us a visit and we will advices you on Neurofeedback trainings and benefit. 

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